​Project Management Tools for Construction Professionals

​Project Management Tools for Construction Professionals

Posted by Best Access Doors on 2nd May 2022

Construction projects, in general, are highly organized and complex ventures regardless of whether it is for a high-rise commercial building or a single-dwelling home. They require a group of specialists that are proficient in their fields to create a unique structure based on the client's requirements.

For instance, large-scale building projects require constant communication and coordination from each team member to ensure that each stage of development runs smoothly and as scheduled. From designing the initial draft to the actual completion of the project, each step can easily be in disarray if not appropriately handled. The need for organization paved the way for project management in the industry.

What is Construction Project Management?

The primary purpose of project management in the construction business is to streamline each stage of development and make sure that each manager or supervisor, their respective team, and equipment are all functional and working efficiently in line with the finalized layout of the structure.

Project managers are perhaps among the busiest people on construction sites, mainly because they have a broad scope of responsibility such as scheduling, meeting facilitation, price negotiation, and procurement. Due to your role encompassing all construction phases, it would help to follow construction management tips and use an effective management tool to undertake all your tasks efficiently.

A construction project management program can help you maintain organization throughout the project. It can help you with scheduling, resource management, increasing productivity, and creating reports within the intended budget. Several programs are available for project managers, but these are the top five most powerful tools today.



Procore is at the height of its game with its stellar customer experience and positive reviews from satisfied users regarding popularity and product variation. Initially operated as a private company, it went public last May 2021 to offer various programs intended not just for project managers but also for contractors and building owners.

One of the highlighted features of Procore is that their services are customizable at a price, which means that you have the freedom to choose the tools you need, making it a viable option for different types of users, regardless of the scale of their construction project. Procore also has a cloud-based system that can allow you to install the software on any iOS, Android, or Windows device.



Autodesk is an ideal software for large-scale projects with a wide range of services available to help architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and project managers. Each service is tailored to each stage of development to ensure organization and efficiency throughout the building process. Compared to other software, they are also more flexible in choosing which features you need.

Autodesk is a comprehensive tool programmed explicitly for the construction industry. It has four main products: Autodesk Build, Autodesk BIM Collaborate, Autodesk takeoff, and Building Connected. It has an open API feature and an active integration marketplace to share and download a developer's integration work.



Also known as Timberline, Sage 300 is a powerful project management software designed to address the complex workflow of large enterprises and manage extensive construction projects. The program offers increased visibility and aims to streamline various large-scale processes to ensure that clients can achieve their financial and productivity goals.

Sage 300 offers an on-premise solution. Users need to upload the software to their company's central server and designate specific workstations to allow the employees to access the service. Although the program is only available for Windows systems, it has a wide array of modules for mobile viewings, such as estimation, payroll, project and property management, compliance, and accounting.



Buildertrend is an ideal project management tool for remodeling projects, but it has become one of the most utilized software by project managers in the construction industry. Although the program is intended for use in home building, remodeling, and contracting, managers in the commercial sector can also take advantage of Buildertrend's superior customer service and A+ score with the Better Business Bureau.

The system works in a cloud-based platform to allow users to access Buildertrend using any device conveniently and is available for iOS and Android devices. Since it is cloud-based, you can constantly receive updates and improvements to ensure that you're always well-informed. Some of the features included in the program are financial and expense management, client relationship, marketing, and creating estimates and proposals.



Project management is an essential aspect of the construction industry, regardless of the size of the project. RedTeam is a reliable online management solution that offers affordable products with its all-inclusive flat rate for small or mid-scale building firms. The software already has an impressive reputation with good reviews and an A+ score with the Better Business Bureau since its foundation in 2006.

It is web-based, but it has a mobile feature called FieldShare that allows contractors and subcontractors to update work progress, add images, and find project information. Although RedTeam is a construction management software, it covers all critical areas of the project, such as managing the budget, developing estimates, generating bids, and managing contracts. It has an intuitive workflow design which is ideal for small businesses and contractors.

As a project manager, you play a significant role in construction projects to ensure that all teams are productive, the budget stays within the limit, and maintain a safe work environment for everyone. Using a project management tool helps you achieve personal goals aligned with the client's vision and finish the project on time. It can also help you perform multiple tasks through an intuitive platform that eliminates risks and facilitates continuous communication between the team to ensure the construction project's success.

Need an Access Door?

Need an Access Door?

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