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Upgrade Your Safety by Upgrading Your Door

Upgrade Your Safety by Upgrading Your Door

Posted by Best Access Doors on 7th Dec 2017

Upgrade Your Safety by Upgrading Your Door

Regardless if it is for your home or for your business, feeling safe is important. Your feeling of unease can be calmed with the installation of a security access door, or by improving the security of your existing door. From a medium security access panel to the installation of a peephole and escape route, there are precautions you can take to not only improve your security, but take it to the next level!

Give Your Door a Facelift

Don’t have the money to completely replace your door? Don’t worry, here are three things that you can to your existing door that are budget-friendly but also can make a huge difference to you and your safety.

  1. Security Strike Plate installing a strike plate allows for extra support, as the material where the lock and metal meet is often built with a soft material, like wood; therefore, installing this extra metal plate can maintain the door in a shut position. As an added bonus, keeping the door shut tight also reduces air transfer in and out of your house or building.
  2. Viewing Hole / Peephole not all doors are equipped with a viewing hole or peephole, as otherwise known. Having a view hole can allow the person on the inside have to a clear vision of the person outside. This allows you to make a decision whether or not it is safe to open the door. The person on the outside cannot see in, making it even more effective. Along with being a great safety piece, they are also an inexpensive purchase that can give your door that extra added feature!
  3. Longer Hinge Screws replacing the door hinges with longer ones will give that extra added bit of resistance. Most swing doors have smaller hinges, which means merely switching out the smaller ones with longer ones is easy to do. Good quality proper hinges are integral to the correct function of your door. They allow your door to close all the way with ease. A properly functioning door is one of the easiest ways to improve safety around your home.

Maybe you are looking for more than just a face lift for your door? Maybe you are building your home or designing your office – did you know there are access panels that you can install that act a form of security?

Security Access Panel

So, what is a security access panel? Essentially, it is a heavy duty door that can keep valuables protected or create a barrier from dangerous situations. They can be a full sized door, meant for human traffic or a small door, like that of a wall safe. Security access panels are used for a variety purposes. In a building they can act as a form of an escape route. Heavy, self- closing and automatic locking doors can also be installed to increase safety in the event of a break-in. In situations where it comes to installing a security access door, first ask yourself – what is the purpose of this door? Perhaps you own a jewelry store and need to protect your staff from robbery. Or maybe your own workshop where combustible and flammable materials are often present. Or maybe you have a number of valuable items in your home you want to keep protected. The reason for the install matters because this affects the type of door you purchase and the size required. It is also important because building codes must be met. Make sure you know what is required before you purchase and install.

The in between solution

So, what happens if you want more than just the simple solution of a peep hole, but don’t want a full-on high tech security access panel? Go for the in between solution. This usually requires the replacement of the entire door but there are more cost effective options than the heavy duty security door.

1.Replace the door with a newer model – over time, new designs and different material have been employed to create safer doors. Old wood doors shift over time and begin to crack with exposure to the elements. Replacing your existing door with a new one of the same size is the entry level way to replace your door. Not only will it close tightly but it can increase the curb appeal to your home. It also gives you a chance to choose something that makes a fashion statement about you and your home.

2.Add glass panels – glass cut outs can be a great solution to increase sight lines like a commercial door glass. These windows can be found in the door itself. Or you may opt to replace the entire frame and have windows install alongside the door. Either way, going with a glass door will likely be a more expensive, but worthwhile choice. Glass can be damaged in transit and during installation, so the costs may take this into account. However, the added sight line adds safety to your door and can be more aesthetically pleasing.

3.Install a storm door – storm door can be added to the front of the exterior door. This is aptly named because it allows for increased protection from the elements but can also be a great way to improve safety. Because it operates separately from the main door it can be left closed while the main door is open. Most commonly storm doors are made from glass so they are easily seen through and also allow for sound transfer. Many existing doorways can be retrofitted to for a storm door, making this a cost effective way to increase safety for your home.

Safety for your home or business should always be a priority. This can be achieved in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes. Whether you are looking for a simple solution or an entirely new access panel a solution can be found to solve any problem. Know your safety goals, do your research and hire a professional. Access panels are the gateway to your home or business, don’t open them up to just anyone.

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