Benefits of an Aesthetic All Purpose Access Door

Benefits of an Aesthetic All Purpose Access Door

Posted by Best Access Doors on 6th Apr 2017

Every commercial building utilizes different building components to ensure quality and functionality. There are several examples of features, including ductwork systems, plumbing systems, and electrical systems, to name a few. Over time, those components will encounter problems that can disrupt the building’s overall functionality.

That’s when you usually call technicians or maintenance personnel to do the repairs and maintenance. However, the only issue they have is that they cannot access it without breaking into a wall or ceiling. Installing BA-CTR Aesthetic All Purpose Access Doors can provide convenient access to your building components.

What are Access Doors?

Not many people know about access doors because building contractors usually install them in secluded places of a building. Technicians, contractors, and maintenance personnel use them to access the other side of a wall or ceiling surface.

Buildings need access doors to avoid damaging or creating openings on surfaces. No building owner wants walls or ceilings with large holes because they can ruin the aesthetics and overall appearance.

Besides providing convenient access to the other side of a surface, the access door can also provide quality protection to your building components. You may have exterior building components as well. They require extra protection because people may tamper with them and cause significant problems for the building.

Fortunately, you can buy access doors with key-operated cylinder cam latches or hex head cam latches. Best Access Doors recommend choosing an access door with hex head cam latches because it makes it harder for unauthorized people to open them. Only building personnel who have hex keys can open the access doors.

If you’re worried about your building components getting exposed to harsh weather elements, you can purchase weather-resistant access doors. They protect them from extreme cold and heat and moisture brought by the rain. Usually, your contractors will install weather-resistant access doors in open spaces like your building’s exterior facade.

What are Aesthetic All Purpose Access Doors?

Since you now know the different primary purposes of access doors, you should focus on ones with specific features, specifically the aesthetic all-purpose access door. You can install it when you want to achieve a smooth, finished appearance while providing easy access to vital components, such as gas lines, electrical panels, and plumbing pipes.

The design of the aesthetic all-purpose access door involves cleverly hiding the door’s flange. It is the perfect access door you can install in public places because the door doesn’t protrude outwards, and it blends seamlessly with the surface.

The Advantages of Using Aesthetic All Purpose Access Doors

Before you purchase the access door, you have to familiarize yourself with the different benefits. Consider these benefits because they can either impact your building or the people using the access door. Examples of benefits include:

  • Easy Installation

Most contractors like aesthetic all-purpose access doors because they don’t require plastering, mudding, or sanding. If you want to reduce costs with your renovation or construction project that involves installing access doors, consider purchasing the aesthetic all-purpose door.

The reason for the access door’s ability to blend in with a drywall surface is because of the door’s flange. It can conceal through any rough drywall edges. It’s an excellent option for installing multiple access doors around your building that don’t take long to finish.

  • Seamless Appearance

As mentioned before, aesthetic all-purpose access doors can make it appear almost invisible on the surface. Tenants would want to see a clean surface with only paintings or wall designs whenever they walk past the walls. An out-of-place access door can ruin anyone’s mood, so your best option to keep your surface clean is by installing aesthetic all-purpose access doors.

  • Different Sizes

Contractors need specific sizes for their materials, and you can also get that with the access door! The access door’s size will depend on the building components and how workers need to access them. A good example is when there’s a small electrical component behind a wall, so you only need a small-sized access door enough for an electrician to work on it effectively.

But if the building component is large, like an HVAC system, your contractors need a larger-sized access door. Sometimes, they need two people working on the building component simultaneously. Thus, a large access door will help them finish the job faster and effectively.

  • Better Security

An access door can provide quality protection against people who want to tamper with your building components. However, people can see general-purpose access doors on walls, making them easier to spot. The advantage of aesthetic all-purpose access doors is that they will blend in with the surface better.

When your access doors blend in with the surface, anyone who isn’t authorized to access them will have difficulty looking for them. Most components need to stay protected because they can cause significant problems for any building. In some cases, tampering with electrical components can lead to electrical or fire hazards, and you don’t want that happening to your facility.

If you need to increase its security, you can also get different locks for it. Best Access Doors can provide you with two lock options; key-operated cam latches or hex head cam latches.

Installing the aesthetic all-purpose access doors is easy when choosing a professional contractor to get the job done. As long as you want to prioritize building aesthetics, you can achieve it with this type of access door. You can find them installed in hotels, corporate buildings, restaurants, museums, and other buildings that require clean walls.

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