​How Does a Laundry Chute Access Panel Improve Your Vacuum Laundry Chute? 

​How Does a Laundry Chute Access Panel Improve Your Vacuum Laundry Chute? 

Posted by Best Access Doors on 12th May 2023

Early references to 'laundry chutes' date back to the 1800s and were originally nothing more than a hole in the floor. As the turn of the century approached, electric washing machines came on the scene, and some homes were equipped with laundry chutes constructed from wood with a waxed surface to prevent snags, and were often seen as a sign of 'social and financial status' according to an article from The Atlantic.

Today, although no longer prominent in homes, laundry chutes are installed in commercial facilities to handle the transportation of soiled linens and laundry in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.

Some of the latest innovations designed to enhance operational efficiencies include Laundry Jet. This vacuum-powered laundry chute uses an air machine to create a vacuum to collect and transfer dirty laundry through multifloored buildings. Technology is so advanced that you can now send laundry up, down, and around depending on the location of your laundry facilities – all at the touch of a button! Simply open the slide port to activate the air machine, and the suction will transport laundry through a long, vertical cylinder to the laundry room.

Modern vacuum laundry chute systems have also revolutionized the laundry room in new home designs and retrofits. High-end hotels, luxury vacation resorts, nursing homes, hospitals, and prisons improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear on elevators by using laundry chutes to move soiled hotel linens, towels, bedding, tablecloths, and uniforms directly to the laundry facilities! 

Before we discuss how to use a laundry chute access panel with a vacuum laundry chute port, let's understand the differences.

Laundry Chute vs. Vacuum Laundry Chute – What's the Difference?

A laundry chute is a simple vertical shaft that allows clothes to fall by gravity into a bin or basket at the bottom. A vacuum laundry chute, on the other hand, uses suction that pulls clothes through a tube and into a central collection bin. 

How Does a Laundry Chute Access Panel Work?

A laundry chute access panel is a small door or opening installed into a wall or floor to provide access to your laundry chute. By installing a laundry chute access panel over theslide port, you conceal the port from view and avoid tampering. A locked laundry chute access door will also prevent unauthorized access. You can also include a child-proof lock reducing the risk of injury.

Benefits of Installing a Laundry Chute Access Panel

  • Convenient Access
  • Concealment
  • Time-Savings
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Lower Costs
  • Improved Performance 

Laundry access panels provide convenient and easy access to laundry chutes, lessening the time and energy required to transport laundry and improving performance and efficiency. 

Laundry chute access panels provide maintenance personnel with easy access for cleaning and maintenance, preventing snags, and blockages, which can reduce the performance and efficiency of the vacuum laundry chute. 

Laundry chutes reduce wear and tear on building elevators, using less energy and contributing to a more sustainable and efficient building. 

Choose the Right Laundry Chute Access Panel

Choose the Right Laundry Chute Access Panel

We recommend the BA-F2DL 2-Hour Fire-Rated Laundry Chute Access Panel to speed up daily routines for your housekeeping and laundry attendant staff. Being fire-rated, it can also help slow the spread of fire and smoke for up to two hours, allowing time for firefighters to arrive and control the fire. Use BA-F2DL with manual and vacuum laundry chutes like Laundry Jet to protect the slide port behind a fire-rated panel. This system also offers an optional smoke gasket for garbage chutes.

It has a sturdy steel material that can handle constant opening and closing. You can choose a T-handle or a key-operated lock, depending on your preference. 

Check out its complete specification list here for your reference. If your vacuum laundry chute has unique dimensions, let us know, and we can customize a laundry chute access door according to your requirements!

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