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Unique Home Improvements

Unique Home Improvements

Posted by Best Access Doors on 22nd Mar 2018

Unique Home Improvements

In this day and age we are realizing our time is more valuable than ever. Investing some money into your home to make your household run more efficiently is worth it. Below are some unique solutions that can foster more time to be spent as a family and less time doing chores. If you are looking to sell your home, these unique improvements can also help to create desire for potential buyers.

Install a laundry chute

In many homes laundry rooms are located in the lower levels of the house. This means a significant amount of time is spent collecting dirty clothes from kids’ rooms, bathrooms, a partners’ office or anywhere else clothes are left lying around. It also usually means several trips up and down the stairs to gather it all. Take a page out of large scale laundry productions (like at a hotel) and install a laundry chute. You will be surprise how much time something so simple can produce. All the laundry goes to the same place and it actually helps to keep your house tidier. Laundry chute access doors can be installed to be flush with the wall to compliment aesthetics of the room and even push inwards for ease of use. A laundry chute is a feature that very few homes have but add value when installed properly.

Update your interior doors

Doors make a huge statement in a home. They are used every day in almost every room. A great way to add value and personality to your home is to update these doors. French doors (doors with glass window panes) are beautiful entryways to dining rooms, living rooms and offices. The glass allows light to shine through which creates the illusion of more space. Another way to create space is to install pocket doors. The door itself is hidden in the wall making it a great solution for small spaces because the area needed to actually close the door is not required. Finally, wall mounted sliding barn doors are huge in design right now. Use these as a focal point to enhance aesthetic appeal. Doors are used every day and installing the best door for your space can increase the value of your home.

The most valuable homes are ones that balance design and function. The above tips can help to improve the function of your home without comprising design appeal. In addition, prospective buyers are always more interested in houses that boast unique features. Update your home so it works for you now and increases the return on your investment later.

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