Which is Best for Plumbers - A Stainless Steel Access Door or a Cover?

Which is Best for Plumbers - A Stainless Steel Access Door or a Cover?

Posted by Best Access Doors on 15th Mar 2023

Access panels and universal covers are revolutionary in the world of maintenance. They provide quick and easy access to areas that would otherwise require costly wall demolitions and repairs. With these, maintenance personnel can swiftly reach the back of faucets, bathtub drains, and mixing valves in showers - saving time and money.

But as a plumber, which one should you get; a stainless steel access door or a universal cover?

Choosing One Over Another

What separates access doors from universal covers is their usage. Access doors provide a neat, convenient way to access the pipes and valves hidden behind walls and ceilings. You can install them into almost any flush surface, allowing them to blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment while providing easy access to these critical components when needed.

On the other hand, you would see universal covers for plumbing used to cover clean-outs. A plumbing clean-out is a must-have for any home with a drainage line, providing an easy access point to clear the drain. Installing these access points, drain cleaning equipment can quickly remove blockages from your pipes. Having a plumbing clean-out in place can have long-term savings, as you can clear blocked drains faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Feature Comparison

Let's examine a few other notable features between access panels and covers to see which would better suit your requirements.

  • Locking Mechanisms

Plumbing access panels provide easy access to the plumbing network while being discrete and aesthetically pleasing. Because of this focus, they come with a unique continuous concealed hinge that keeps the door fixed to the frame. You can further boost the safety and accessibility of your access panels with a selection of locking mechanisms such as stainless steel slotted screwdriver cam latch, cylinder lock and key, Allen head cam latch, or spanner locks.

While these features may be convenient, they may pose some accessibility issues due to obstructions with the surroundings or equipment interfering with the fixed hinge-mounted door.

To have the most accessibility for your clean-outs, you should install universal covers with oval head square tapping screws. This feature lets you quickly and easily remove the door to do any necessary maintenance or repairs without worrying about the door obstructing the clean-out.

  • Corrosion Resistant Materials

One feature that both these products feature is a solid resistance to rusting. Steel tends to rust because of the Iron oxide layer due to air and moisture exposure. This Iron oxide is an active substance, leading to more corrosion and damaging the steel's surface even further.

The stainless steel materials in access panels and universal covers resist corrosion better since they contain 10% or more chromium. The chromium content forms a layer of chromium oxide on the surface, protecting against further rusting.

This advantage also ensures that constant water and moisture exposure is not an issue. It is highly durable and will hardly ever rust, making it long-lasting, making it a superior choice compared to other metals.

Lastly, stainless steel has a non-porous surface which effectively prevents bacteria and germs from contaminating it, making it an ideal material for achieving sanitation. This property is beneficial when cleaning your covers or access panels.

  • Safety Features

Working with plumbing can be dangerous, and taking all the necessary precautions to prevent workplace accidents is essential. You can take these precautions using a universal cover or access panel.

Plumbing Access Panels should have rounded safety corners to provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing way to access the interior of any structure. Not only do they ensure that you won't cut yourself while working, but they also offer a modern, architecturally-pleasing appearance.

Universal covers also have it's own safety features. Because you'll be removing the door while working, you'll find it has beveled edges with rounded corners. These covers provide a safe and convenient way to handle the door without fear of cutting yourself. These also make it easy to install and remove, making them ideal for wet areas near plumbing clean-outs.

Selecting The Right Product For The Right Job

When it comes to plumbing access panels and universal covers, the choice is always a challenging one. Both solutions offer different advantages and disadvantages, so taking a closer look at your objectives before deciding is essential.

Access panels are a great way to conveniently access the pipes and valves hidden behind walls and ceilings. An access panel lets you quickly and easily get to the pipes and valves without tearing down walls or ceilings. They provide a convenient, cost-effective solution for accessing hidden plumbing fixtures without sacrificing convenience or aesthetics.

However, if you want to protect your plumbing clean-outs while still having convenient access in case you need to remove blockages, you should get a universal stainless steel cover. This cover will protect your plumbing clean-outs from dirt and debris while allowing convenient access to any necessary equipment.

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