Why the Exterior of Your Commercial Space is Important

Why the Exterior of Your Commercial Space is Important

Posted by Best Access Doors on 24th Jun 2020

Have you ever passed by a commercial building and wondered why the building looks so shabby or worn-down? Or how about why there's a facade so dull and untidy-looking? When it comes to commercial buildings, we often give a lot of attention to the overall curb appeal. 

What most don't realize is that curb appeal is even more critical for a business. The exterior of your commercial building is your customer's first visual impression of the company you're trying to portray.

Commercial buildings are places that people frequently go to for everyday transactions and other things they need for their day-to-day activities. Having an updated exterior look gives your commercial space a modern and impressive look. 

It also shows your patrons that you care about their needs because you ultimately care about your business. It is the reason why having a high-quality and appealing design for any commercial building is essential. If you step outside your building, what do you usually see? Is your exterior and landscape not that appealing or great to look at? It should always be!

Besides showing your customers that you care about them, there are a couple more reasons to pay attention to your building's exterior. Best Access Doors compiled these reasons for ensuring that your commercial space exterior is in tip-top shape.

Clean Exterior = Happy Exterior

If you have been in business for a long time and yet you've never cleaned or improved your exterior, you need to improve in that area. We all know that customers like to see clean and maintained commercial spaces. There's no single person in this world that can stand an unclean building, even if it's just the exterior area.

It is also advisable to have the entire property washed once or twice a year to make your exterior ultimately clean and inviting. Cleaning it is even more necessary in cases where the building is standing in dirty places such as an industrial area. For cleaning decks, porches, walls, and patios, the best tool is a pressure washer. These pressure washers use potent motors to shoot water out fast enough to blast dirt off your building. They also work well on signs and parking lots if you ever have one lying around the area.

To Grow Your Business

If your goal is to make your business grow (well, obviously, it is), the most effective method is by bringing in more customers to your physical building. You can do this by upgrading the exterior areas of your structure. Moreover, it would not hurt to research what your customers would like to see and check out what your other competitors are doing. You can even survey your existing customers and ask them what improvements they would like to see you do for your building.

On the other hand, if your business is booming, you might want to add more and make some significant changes to your exterior building. You can create a more pleasing environment and then market it to your potential customers so they can see how inviting your new space is. Doing this to your commercial building can make new customers decide to give your business a try.

Adding significant changes to the building's exterior can be just one of the many methods of helping your business grow successfully. But even so, this is a method that can potentially make a positive impact on your business. Like in meeting people for the first time, first impressions always matter when it comes to promoting your business. You should highly consider creating a more appealing exterior building if you want to achieve your business's success.

Avoiding Customer Complaint

Did you know that customer complaint is also a great way to assess your business's look and feel? Although it may not be a good sign when a customer has complained about the fact that your entrance is not covered correctly, you are still able to know what kind of upgrades you should do on your business.

You can improve your exterior (and avoid complaining customers) by upgrading or adding a ramp for wheelchair access or by merely installing a covered entrance. Maybe even having a large display window to show off your products and having a paved pathway and parking lot. Customers don't like to walk in muddy or dusty grounds, so they will genuinely appreciate pavement. It is vital that you hear what your customers say and then make the necessary upgrades accordingly.

There are still some businesses out there that are totally against customer complaints because they always think they're always right. It is a toxic trait that a company can ever have. Not listening to the customer's demands can place any business at the bottom. Taking notes on the customer's needs is the most crucial factor that a business owner should ever have.

Your Competition Have Their "A" Game On

You might need to give your building some upgrades when you've got new competition, or if they use their new tricks up their sleeves-- like having a recent exterior upgrade that attracts lots of customers. Competition is never going to go away in the business industry. It's the driving force of every business owner to ensure they are ahead of what they do.

It is also essential to make it a point never to leave your business left in the dust. Take note that if a competitor has a freshly upgraded exterior, they're more likely to get more customers than you. You must not forget that you also have to pay attention to the commercial buildings near you. If the neighboring business surrounding yours decided to upgrade their facilities, yours would look run down and shabby compared to others out there. That's why you must keep the exterior part of your building fresh and clean.

You Made Improvements With Your Branding

We all know that all kinds of businesses evolve after a few years or so and that the things that worked for them years ago might not continue to work today. Changing your branding would also mean upgrading not only the interior of your building but also the exterior. Never settle for less, especially when providing the best for your business. Improvements, particularly on the building you have your business located on, will always be vital.

For instance, you have a new logo designed. It would be best if you paired it up with a new color scheme for your exterior that would match your logo. Another example is when your business might revolve around a hometown-- whether it be city or country feels! You can add shutters or change out your numbers to match the new brand. If your branding strategy is modern and sleek with bright white walls, dark wood features, and stainless steel fixtures, create the same environment on the outside for better consistency.

Even something as simple as replacing the exterior paint is already enough to create a positive impact on your building. Creating a new identity for your business can be complicated for some, especially if you've been running it for many years already. Making drastic changes to your business image is either a hit or miss, depending on your marketing team's strategy.

Improving Your Safety and Security

Safety and security are probably among the most important reasons for taking extra care and attention on your exterior. It is essential for customers and guests to safely make it to your commercial space and avoid criminals from paying attention to your building. Make sure that your walkways are in good repair. Design the proper outdoor flow to move people and vehicles around your business. Moreover, lighting and landscaping can also make it easier to avoid people stumbling in the dark and highlight your business while also increasing security.

You're not going to get any revenue if you can't have customers going to your business just because your building is in a shady place. You can get rid of that notion from them by increasing the security around your facility. Once you're able to establish this, guaranteeing your customer's clients won't be a difficult thing to do anymore. The number of customers might even increase just because you made improvements to your safety and security features.


Keep in mind that creating an inviting business is vital for customer satisfaction, and customers won't even come through your door if your exterior building does not look appealing. Your business' curb appeal can improve home traffic, drive up your sales, and even increase your property value. Furthermore, creating an attractive exterior is not difficult. You can do repainting, pressure washing, and landscaping, which are all relatively easy and are inexpensive ways of improving your exterior.

Whether you're looking to update your paint color or doing a complete exterior remodel on your building, you can rely on Best Access Door to be your partner! Get your supplies for your exterior projects. We always make it our goal to have our clients get nothing but the best products from us, so don't think twice about choosing us!