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Why Invest in an Access Panel

Why Invest in an Access Panel

Posted by Best Access Doors on 20th Mar 2019

Why Invest in an Access Panel

Do you know what an access panel is? More specifically, do you know the benefits that come from having an access panel installed in your next project? Best  Access Doors is an access panel distribution that shares the interests of establishing an access panel – whether it be for commercial or residential needs. Invest in an access panel, and know you are investing in enhancing and prolonging the life and functionality of your project.

Original Purpose - Security 

The access panel was originally created as a security feature – back before drywall, steel, plastic or aluminum, access panels were made with cloth and wood. Today, the access panel as evolved to be more than just a security door, if anything it has become an asset to contractors and tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians who require access to these hard to reach spaces because now, access panels have a purpose of not just securing but organizing and concealing. Today, access panels are designed to isolate and conceal wires and cables while still promoting easy access for those inspections and repairs.

Though the access panels main purpose of security is never forgotten, there are even access panels that have been explicitly designed with the sole of the intent of acting as a security access panel.

Access Panel Variety 

Depending on the location of an access panel, their functionality, there are an array of access panels to choose from. Best Access Doors offers everything from floor, ceiling and wall access panels – but we also provide security panels and duct panels as well.

Why the assortment? 

Each panel is designed uniquely to suit where it is to be installed as well as the material used. For example,  drywall access panels are typically installed in walls and ceilings. These panels allow for maintenance and inspection to areas where there are pipes and pipes. Another purpose that can come from drywall access panels is that because they can be aesthetically customized as well as flushed to blend in with the surrounding space, drywall access panels make for a great way to increase storage when space is limited.

Investing in Versatility 

When you invest in an access panel – you aren’t just investing in a solution, you are investing in a functionality, longevity and purpose. With an access panel, they are versatile building items that they can be used from security, concealment to even creating storage space. Concerned about aesthetics? Or maybe how it will look? Worry not – access panels come in an array of materials that are suitable to any functionality. Looking to install an access panel in residence such as apartments? Drywall or plastic access panels are highly recommended – or maybe, you seek one that is sturdier and can offer security and insulation, there are steel and aluminum panels as well.

What makes the access panel a building solution to invest in is that they are not only versatile in, but they are also priced to suit any building budget. At Best Access Doors, we have access panels ranging from the low-100’s to higher. Need multiple panels for a large project? Worry not, as we offer a Buy now, pay later program.

No matter your needs, no matter your project, let Best Access Door show you why an access panel is worth investing in. To view our inventory or to speak with a representative, visit us at

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